Friday, November 2, 2012

List of Sense Less Acts - #SenselessActs

#SenselessActs or Sense Less Acts is trending on twitter since morning it is a quiz trend by home shop 18 which is trending since morning in India with loads of tweets comming in from people.

Would like to cover this trending topic so that our reader can check it our the list of sense less activites people do. Here we go with the list of #SenseLessActs . . .Oops ! Sense Less Acts

#SenselessActs what these #politicians do in #India .. log to chutiye hain .. inhe kya pata

#SenselessActs Charging your mobile for a few minutes before you leave thinking that it will make a change

#SenselessActs Being asked for directions on road by ppl, whn standing by d road waiting for sum1.:P

Wearing your favourite clothes on Holi! #SenselessActs

Going for a cricket match and hoping that one of the sixes would break your nose too! SenselessActs

#SenselessActs considering ENO Gas will stay for you while putting in Water #DrinkItQuickly

#SenselessActs Going on to google, search for some good tweets, log onto twitter and copy the same

Making a call to ur frined at 1.00 AM & asking a question "Are u sleeping..?" #SenselessActs

Expecting a quick reply on sms from bf when he is playin a multiuser games wid his friends is a real #SenselessActs

#SenselessActs Forwarding god's messages to 10 ppl. so that the evil doesn't follow you.

After all these years of experience, keepin hopes from politicians to speak what is true is #SenselessActs

Trying to find a quote that hasn't already been tweeted. #SenselessActs

#SenselessActs asking for you to make me win the contest
#SenselessActs Liking you own pictures and status on Facebook

The more the number of #SenselessActs in our life decreases & the more aware we become, the more
happy, successful & useful we become! :)

#SenselessActs liking picz on FB that says "like and share to help" as if liking and sharing pic can solve real life problem!

#SenselessActs  Leaving studies and expecting to become the next Sachin Tendulkar or Bill Gates!! #Fail

#SenselessActs LPG touching almost INR 1k!! Black marketers gold digging time!!

Teaching kids these days about the birds and bees. #SenselessActs Believe me, they know more than you do.

#SenselessActs: Missed Call Police and expecting them to call back. LOL

During election everyone started to vote the opposite candidate just cos the ruling candidate was not gud. #SenselessActs

#SenselessActs send this message to 15 people and something good will happen to you today!!  And yes, there are such fools!

Asking the auto wala for a student concession #SenselessActs
#SenselessActs taking pics in the bathroom!

Practice random acts of kindness and #SenselessActs of beauty.

#SenselessActs Son of FM puts a common man behind bars for a tweet!!! #JustSaying

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