Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to create great tweets

How best and great tweets are created 

That question was always in my mind whenever i used to tweet. There are four parameters which create great and good tweets. We already covered various topics on twitter using some of them were how many characters you must use, best time to tweet and so on

What do you think before creating a tweet

How many people will read my tweet?
How many retweets i will get ? 
How many people will engage in this communication ?
How many favorites ? and so on . .

So the answers to create great tweets lies in your questions. Remember first the number of people who will read your tweet is important they should be first engage to read your tweets therefore whenever you are creating tweets try to create something special think about a common man about your followers. Don't write what you want. some of the trick to create a great tweets are use famous quotes, ask for help, write tweets related to trending topics, or either create tweets which interests your followers. In my case blogging tips or social media networking news.

Great tweets are retweeted and Favorited by the followers and that may create trending topics on twitter. Remember to be a good user on twitter it does not depend on the number of followers you have. What matters is the target audience and the seriousness of your followers who will read and leave a special gesture interms of retweet or interaction.

Comment your valuable views and Happy tweeting

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