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How to use Twitter Effectively for Social Networking

10 Effective Tips on using Twitter for Social Networking

We already covered many topics on using twitter the terminologies and other methods to enhance your social networking presence with twitter. This time I thought of writing effective tips where you can use your Twitter account to create powerful presence for social networking. 

What you did so far with your twitter account ?
  1. You created your logins
  2. Username
  3. Information about yourself
  4. A superb picture removing the egg avatar and 
  5. Following some people which interest you. 
  6. And start tweeting 
The above are just the basic step which any one do while starting with twitter, but in the above method you may not be using twitter effectively or I would say there would be more steps which you are not exploring. Let's cover the points where you can make effective use of your twitter account. 

1. Proper user name : If you are using twitter for your personal use I suggest you to have a proper twitter name where your friends or colleagues can find you easily. For business purpose the Twitter account should be used as the brand name you are using for other social networking website. Lots of twitter user make mistakes by using funky names, which makes you are a non serious twitter user. 

2. Removing egg Avatar : Egg avatar is little dangerous since again it shows that you are still an egg of twitter henceforth remove the egg avatar with good image or your company logo. This helps in getting brand recognition and people will remember you - We have already covered a topic on when to change your profile pictures

3. Write a complete Bio : Bio is important since they are the keywords which help user in finding you. Do put your company link by shortening the url this help in getting traffic also to your website. 

4. Check correct people to follow : Here is the first part where you started with social networking the above 3 points were related to social media. Henceforth check out the twitter directory of people and understand to whom you would like to follow. People may be in same business or of similar country. Check out our article on How to search people on twitter | How to build quality followers on twitter

5. Who you are : Start tweeting and create brand with your tweets people should remember you with your profile pic and with your tweets that who you are. 

6. Followers/Following Ratio : This is again important part to make your twitter account effective. Many newbies do this mistake of keeping their following ratio high as compare to their followers. Only follow those who interest you. If your following ratio is high then it might not create powerful image of your twitter account. 

7. Communicate : You'r views are very important to people whom you are following or who are following you on twitter. If you have difference of opinion then communicate and clear it. Get engage with your followers so that they start taking your views on certain topics

8. Retweets & Favorite : One of the best gesture you can give to tweets is retweeting or favoriting the tweet. This will increase the confidence of people in you. I have seen people who retweet my tweets and I love them more as compare to people who are just following me. 

9. Use Photos : Photos speak louder than written words, while tweeting you can use photos for greater effects. If you send those written monotonous tweets every time then the interest may go down. Henceforth use pictures in tweets whenever required. Article on How to post images on twitter quickly

10. Networking : The Final point is networking for which twitter is created. Introduce yourself to people share contacts or share references they might be interested in. Networking in twitter is quite micro activity but in return it pay you. 

So from the above 10 points I conclude that you can excel on twitter and can effectively use twitter for your social networking purpose. Happy Tweeting!

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