Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Companies are using Social Media ?

What Importance Social Media provides to Companies ?  | Why Social Media for Business? | Top 8 Advantages of using Social Media for your Business

That is one of the first question which any company ask that what importance social media provides, If you are unaware or still not using social media for your business then you are doing biggest mistake. since as per my experience when i ask to any customer that you should start social media - they say that why it is require, our concentration is more on traditional media. But the days has gone since social media is emerging at a rapid rate and people are more believing on social sites even comparing their friends feed back for purchasing certain products.

Top 8 advantages where social media help your business

After researching and working on social media from past 4 years following are the areas where it can groom your business.

1. Branding : One of the best advantage of social media is branding. Branding with low cost, which means you don't have to do heavy budgeting also for branding your products. Like on twitter or facebook page, you can get your target audience who will be interested in purchasing your products and services.

2. Customers Interaction :  As discussed in my previous post that Social media remove barriers when used for customer interaction. You can directly pitch for a product or about your services if you find a prospect who are looking out for something where you can help

3. Feedback to improvise: Social Media sites such as forums allows you to have a proper feedback from your customer and help to improvise your services.

4. Customer Relationship Management : Another way where social media helps you in Customer relationship management where you can support your customer by taking their online queries and resolving them quickly.

5. Marketing : With social media you can do Marketing of your products on various free classified website or on google adwords. Social media helps you in create your powerful online presence across the globe if required

6. Increase Sales : As discussed in the above para social media helps you in generating sales leads from various channels. Apart from that the sales which happens via social media is quick because i have seen that customer prepare their mind on what to purchase so it reduce the sales cycle timing.

7. News announcement : Social media helps you in News announcement or Press releases to your customers. There are many website which offers you free press release services also.

8. Competition : Getting information about your competition is little difficult but if you are on social media sites such as twitter or Linkedin social media helps you in understanding what your competition is doing and you can take necessary actions.

There are many other advantages of social media marketing, If you feel you have a case where social media has made difference in your business do share with us. 

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