Thursday, November 8, 2012


#SpeedDevil is trending on twitter - It is a quiz which is started by Delhi Airport @Delhi Airport

Some of the questions from the quiz

Answer a few simple questions & win with Delhi Airport :) 'Lap 1' is starting now! #SpeedDevil

Q1. Which city was initially proposed to host the Indian Grand Prix? #SpeedDevil

Q2. Which Airport plays leading role for providing logistical support to F1 in India? #SpeedDevil

Q3. Who won the First Indian Grand Prix? #SpeedDevil

Q4. What is the maximum permitted revolutions per minute (RPM) for F1 car engines? #SpeedDevil

Q5. What is the top speed a car can reach at the back straight of Buddh International Circuit? #SpeedDevil

Answers for 'Lap 1' Questions: 1) Kolkata 2) Delhi Airport 3) Sebastian Vellet 4) 18000 5) 199 mph/320 km/hr

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