Monday, December 3, 2012

Top 7 Advantages of using LinkedIn

Top 7 Advantages of using LinkedIn | How to Social Networking with Linkedin | 

Today we will discuss about advantages of using LinkedIn which is one of the largest professional networking site with more than 170+ million users. LinkedIn started in the year 2003 and it is basically used for professional networking. The main USP of LinkedIn is its target audience is professionals and not like twitter or Facebook generic users. People who register to LinkedIn talks business.

We even covered in our previous blog posting that LinkedIn is one of the website where your business presence is important to improvise your social media networking.

Professional Connections : One of the main advantages of using LinkedIn is getting connected with Professionals who are in the similar industry. By connecting with professionals you build a very serious network of people where you can release news and other important aspect of your business.

Opinions : Another advantage of using LinkedIn is the opinion which comes from various professionals. Yes they are not only opinions but they are experienced opinions which helps you to take corrective decisions for your career or for your business.

Discussions : With LinkedIn you do discussion to the point and you get answers for what actually you might be searching for. There are Question and Answer section where you can ask question related to a topic.

Job Seeking : Every day you will find job postings where companies are hiring people may be in your category. This way you get detailed information about the companies working and it also allows you to get right job for yourself.

New Clients : You can search for new clients, opportunities and business on social media by connecting with people. There are many companies who do advertisements on LinkedIn since the scope of getting intouch with the decision makers on the site is higher comparing other way of online advertisement. Apart from that you also get connected with your old customers who can remember you and may provide new references.

Old Connections : Getting connected with your old college friends or old customers is another advantage, you always get news about their whereabouts.

Increase Social Networking : Using LinkedIn helps you increasing your social networking with various people across the globe. You can start your own company page where other news or announcement can be posted.

There are many other advantages of using LinkedIn both for professionals and for businesses. Do share on what advantages you got while using LinkedIn - Comment


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