Thursday, December 20, 2012

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions - end of the world confessions

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions - End of the world confessions is trending on twitter since today is 21.12.2012 which as per Mayan calendar will be the end of the world. I felt this topic will interest you to understand the confession which people are making thinking the world will end today.

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions i wasn't even gonna come this year cba - Santa Claus

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I eat vegetarians!

#endoftheworldconfessions mom, remember all those times I said I was staying after school. Yeah I was smoking weed

#endoftheworldconfessions "i hooked up with shane omen in the projection room above the auditorium." #meangirls

The beef from the 80's is underneath the couch. That's WHERE the beef is. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions

#endoftheworldconfessions I used to look at peoples feet when I played heads up seven up.. Still feel a bit guilty about it

#endoftheworldconfessions it wasn't shaggy, it was me.

#endoftheworldconfessions ..I let the dogs out

#endoftheworldconfessions Sometimes i like to fill trash bags full of jello,crawl inside and pretend im an unborn fetus

#endoftheworldconfessions I'm sleeping naked tonight. I came into this world naked and that's how I'm going out.

#endoftheworldconfessions I am straight and I have seen all you girls changing #success

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I'm gay

#endoftheworldconfessions I put Vaseline all over my body sometimes and pretend I'm a slug... Lol

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I over think about the smallest things and let it ruin my mood.

#endoftheworldconfessions I once ate 15 packs of gushers in one night..... And I would have eaten more if I didn't run out.

#endoftheworldconfessions I'm sleeping naked. I came into this world naked and that's how I'm going out.

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  1. hahaha jello-person is gonna get a lot of jello for Christmas! :P