Monday, December 3, 2012

How Social Media Helps in Job Recruitment

How you can use Social media for recruiting ? 

Social media is playing one of the most important role in communicating various message to various people around the world. So the question is how social media helps in recruiting correct people for your company ? As recruiting perfect people for your organization is relatively a challenging task.

Old Techniques of Recruitment :

Previously companies used to recruits people via advertising in traditional media such as newspaper, database recruitment, job portals or finally hiring professional recruiters. But today companies are using social media networking since it allows you to get right candidate at a right time.

Social Media : 

Three best social media networking sites - Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn where every person at-least has their account and spend few minutes or may be few hours to check what is actually happening in their network, henceforth considered as the best targeted sites. There may be many more sites which people are using but the above are considered as the major one to target. Everyday people share knowledge, pictures, ideas and opinions on these websites.

How Recruitment Activities are done from Social Media : 

Major social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which almost consists of more than 500+ million user active everyday are considered as one of the best source towards hiring people. A research from my company HR who suggested that LinkedIn is considered as the best source of recruiting correct people. More than 60% of method our company HR use towards recruitment is through LinkedIn as it is site which is specifically created for professionals and it allows HR to check all the past histories of the work an employee has done. The process depend upon User to user but the base is that LinkedIn allows you to create a detail page and send emails whenever a new job is posted to the users which are interested in that category.

Apart from that companies can also make use of the Facebook Page to announce about new recruitment and through sharing people who are interested can apply for the job. All over the world many companies are using LinkedIn majorly for recruitment purposes since it is one of the leading professionalism social media site and companies get right kind of candidates upon LinkedIn.

Henceforth there are other traditional method which is still alive for recruitment but Social media is booming since it gives opportunities for both to the recruiter to select best candidate and to job hunters for getting great opportunities in the market.


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