Monday, December 17, 2012

#2012TaughtMe - 2012 Taught Me

#2012TaughtMe or 2012 Taught me 

After a long time covering some trending topics on social media website #2012TaughtMe yes this is dedicated to the year 2012 which soon be going out from our lives. Let see what is the reaction of the people on this trend. 

#2012taughtme to not trust nobody

#2012taughtme people are going to come and go, but you learn something in Life.

#2012taughtme there's always a reason when something happened. Maybe it is not beneficial in the near future but for the long run.

#2012taughtme Saying goodbye to one you love the most is the hardest thing ever!

#2012taughtme stay away from boybands unless u want your soul taken from u ?

#2012taughtme that im surrounded by amazing friends only i didn't realized it, thanks guys for making this year such a memorable memories.

#2012taughtme that you're fat.

#2012taughtme that no matter how many years go by, people are always going to be just as fake

#2012taughtme im not who i thought i was

#2012taughtme people are going to come and go, but its an experience you will enjoy..

#2012taughtme food will always be there for me when friends are not.

Stfu with your #2012taughtme already lol

#2012taughtme that high school was a joke and that college is badass

#2012taughtme that life goes on, and that taking things day by day is the best decision. Just let it happen, live with no worries.

#2012taughtme how to twerk

#2012taughtme Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever..

#2012taughtme I love drinking

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