Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ways to collect Social Media Data

How to Collect Social Media Data

Data is one of the most important part of the business as it allows you to get hold of your customers, suppliers or any others people who can add advantage to your business. Data adds value to different business aspects specially Marketing as it allows you to generate leads and brand loyalty.

Today we will learn what are the ways to collect social media Data

There are many social networking sites from where you can collect the data but maintaining a quality data which is meaningful to add value is little difficult task you can collect data from the following sources :

Social Media Connections :

You might have various social media sites account where you are communicating with your client some of them are Twitter followers, Facebook Likers, connections on LinkedIn and others. You can keep them safe and also note that to keep the quality of followers and people to your social media account. You may have millions of followers but if they don't qualify to add quality to your business then they are of no use.

User Engagement : To collect social media data is to understand if your followers are really liking your activity, This can be further segregated via number of likes, comments, shares etc.

Youtube : Another way to collect social media data is to check the pageviews on the videos you have posted since this will allow you to take corrective measure if your videos are not watched or not liked by the users. It also depend on the subscribers you have for youtube.

People Speaking : You can search on twitter regarding the keyword your organization use for the products and services and via twitter or facebook search you can found how many people are talking about the similar product. This is another effective way to generate leads and collect social media data.

Click through Rate : To know about or tracking number of clicks your link got is another way to know the success and collecting data - this can be done specially when you post short links via bitly.


  1. specially Marketing as it allows free instagram followers app you to generate leads and brand loyalty.

  2. Marketing as it allows you get more instagram followers info to generate leads and brand loyalty.

  3. Nice post,

    I think twitter is another way to collect social media data worldwide although LinkedIn as another social media website which can be targeted for social media data collections.