Monday, August 27, 2012

Top 7 Tricks to Enhance your Twitter Account

Twitter is playing one of the biggest roles in your social media marketing or social media networking strategy. Although there are many other social media networking website such as Facebook, Pinterest or stumble upon but being sending message in 140 characters twitter still drives the number of active users.

It is said that business that have more than 1000 followers compare to an account with 100 followers can drive 6 times more traffic on your website. Since we have covered on this blog many method of being presence on twitter till how to create your  power in your tweets while tweeting. Today I would like to cover Top 10 tricks for Twitter account which can drive more business and traffic on your single tweet.

Tip Number 1 :

Never ever try to increase your ratio of your following as compare to the followers. Since initially when you open up your account you will only be provided with 2000 followers limit – which means you can start following at least 2000 followers or less. Remember Twitter is not a race so choose your followers wisely – see who are interested in your tweets.

Unfollow the inactive people or people who are not following you, since you have only limit of 2000 people which you muse rise it slow and gradually to gain more social media networking benefit from your twitter account.

Why Unfollow the inactive people ? – This is because the ratio of your follower should be 1:1 which means you must have 2000 followers at least to increase your following limit because once you reach 2000 following twitter allows you to have only 100 following extra

Tools you can use for Unfollow and follow – Check out Twiends,,,

Tip Number 2 :

Don’t be Auto Follow : I have seen many of my friends who keep their twitter account on auto follow with the help of online tools – Strictly not allows since this help to ban your account easily. Similarly there is no need to follow everyone who follows you. There are accounts which are Fake which you don’t even know and you are following them. If you don’t follow everyone the ration of your following and followers will be higher which further helps you in building your twitter account more powerful

Tip Number 3 :

Never use fake tools who promise to have 10000 followers – they all are fake followers – Increasing your fake following can give good impression to your profile viewer but not to your twitter account since its like just tweeting in Air with no active followers. In my twitter experiences I have seen even big celebrities are having fake followers on their twitter account.

Tip Number 4:

Tweet Ratio is another important part where you should not hammer people with same old tweets or hammering with your website links. I have seen many who do this just to gain clicks on their website. But this is the worst method of getting click and losing your followers. Tweet in a balancing way where it is not even disturbing your followers & their timeline and not even you are hammering with your own website links. The ideal method is to tweet at least 15 to 20 tweets per day – 1 tweet every 50 minutes or depending on the news you need to convey to your followers further 5 to 10 re tweets included in 20 tweets per day of your followers.

Tip Number 5 :

My tip number 5 on creating a powerful twitter account is RETWEET, Retweet others, followers or people whose tweets you like. This is one of the biggest mistake tweeple do by not retweeting – There is no harm although it’s a piece of appreciation and motivation for your followers on their tweets. 

Tip Number 6 :

Promote other with @ tweets – This is a great way to promote other on your twitter account since it’s a part of appreciation when your promote others content with @message.

Tip Number 7 :

Auto Reply – This is again a worst method of tweeting auto reply message for new followers since everyone know when you instantly message – thanks for follow. Even I have seen my mail box or name of the people hardly when someone direct message or reply instantly. If you really want to thanks people thank who retweeted your tweets or thanks tweeple who give shout outs to follow you.

The above tips to follow with your twitter account can bring extensive results in your social media networking. Some of the tips like getting good number of followers is a slow and gradual process but it is better to start today rather complaining after 1 year.

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