Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Alien Name - trending on twitter for Movie Joker

PVR cinemas asked question  and promotion on twitter as if you were an Alien what would be your Alien Name which started trended on twitter as #MyAlienName or My Alien Name in common language. This trend is with respect to the movie Joker which will be releasing this Friday - starting Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha

Naveen Kumar tweeted :

#MyAlienName ~~>> Naveen <<~~ haha {•_•} as I am alien itself

Asimnaik tweeted :

#MyAlienName MOMU Man Of Mars United

Suииy Dhaиoe tweeted :

#MyAlienName --> Girl: Zendora (Zen-Dora) & Kathalonda (Kath-Al-Onda) -- Boy: Jabieko (Jab-eek-oh) & Cleptsii (Clept-see) :P

abhinav saraswat  tweeted :

#MyAlienName Man Mohan Singh

Nikhil tweeted tweeted :

Ford Prefect. #MyAlienName

Namrata Rao tweeted :

#MyAlienName 'Enigmatrix' works fine with me,very soon we will be using these as all will be 'taken' or 
worse left with combination of 0 - 9

nikhilchawla tweeted :
ɐlʍɐɥɔ lıɥʞıu

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