Friday, August 24, 2012

My review on 5 Spice Hotel

After the Ramadan Festival and Eid, we decided to go for a dinner party with our friends and most of them agreed on 5 spice or Spice 5 which got newly opened in Mahim. Previously there was a restaurant called Gentlemen which used to serve Mughlai food and after that a furniture showroom. I am not a review master who can provide you with a complete taste but to judge it this is enough on a high level

Our group got happy when we heard that spice 5 is opening at Mahim since we used to have our office lunch at its Goregoan or Bandra branch.


Soothing and Silent apart from that noise of your spoon or forks on the plate.


We ordered crispy chicken as a starter where I found the taste was similar to Jaffer Bhai – Delhi Darbar and Persian Darbar Bandra. Further moving on we tried some Prawns chilly one word simply – Awesome. For main course we ordered Fu chi Rice since it is one of my favorite dishes with gravy on a white plain rice, Moving on we decided to have something in noodles and we ordered Chicken ginger Garlic Noodles and Mongolian Lamb.

We didn’t ordered the dessert since we think to have some other sweet dishes from some other place but some of the recommended desserts are – Mission Impossible & Blueberry cheese cake

Must recommended for every one

Budget :

Rs. 1300 for 4 people (Food)
Rs. 700 for 4 people  (Desserts)

Specialty :

Chinese food


Near Mahim church 

Other Locations : 

Goregoan, Bandra

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