Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Famous dialogues of Mumbaikars (Mumbai)

Since #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars is trending in Indian twitter trends today - and further myself staying in Mumbai from past 28 years.  Just made up my mind to cover this quick post on the famous dialogues mumbaikar speaks. Remember Mumbai consist of various communities and in communites various sect living in the dream city Mumbai.
Lets see what are the famous dialogues which one must see to it before visiting to mumbai – some of these are covered from twitter:

  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Push it man – please push it little, In Mumbai local trains during peak hours
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars arey yeun yeun yenaR kon saheban shivay ahech kaun ?? \m/
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars GOVINDAAAAA ALAA REY ALAA !!!!!
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Mandal Abhari Aahe !!!!!
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Ailaa aapan IPL kadhi jinknaar?
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Anna do cutting ...
  • Chalo boss adjust karo! #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Every peak hour train echoes of this!
  • Jai Maharashtra ! #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Enough now,, !!
  • *to a thin guy* Oye sukha bombil! #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars
  • "Townside chalte hain yaar" #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars"
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Aisa Acha beta item mili toh dost ko bhul gaya :P
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars "aata kasa watte, chaan chaan watte" during local cricket match
  • #FamousDialoguesOfMumbaikars chal kalti maar
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars the new addition aata maaji satakli.. :P :D
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Tujya Aaicha.... #lol
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars pudhe chala, chala pudhe. #bestedition"
  • Aap Vegetarian ho? *in shock* anda bhi nahin khaate? kabhi bhi nahin khaate? *sigh* kaise jinda ho fir!! #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars #ToMe
  • #famousDialoguesOfMumbaikars ae khali phokat dimaag mat chaat
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars 3 din chutti hai lets make some plan for lonavala
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars I live in Colaba. He lives in Andheri. We're in a long distance relationship.
  • Dhakka mat do please (young girls in a ladies coach to arrogant fat aunties) #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars Chala Aat Madhe... Chala laukar. #BESTEdition
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars dekh teri chaavi aayi
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars So much make up? You must be from Delhi.
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars we call all the police officers "pandu"
  • #FamousDialoguesOfMumbaikars Try karka dekhtha hoon
  • #famousdialoguesofmumbaikars omg long weekend.. let's go to lonavla
  • #FamousDialoguesOfMumbaikars : Dimag pe mat ja!


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