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How to build your reputation on social networking sites

How to build your reputation on social networking sites ?
Here is the biggest question arise in the mind of people when they see people are retweeting, linking or sharing the status of other people on social networking website such as twitter facebook or others websites. It s not all about keeping accounts on leading social media networking website but to be a good networker on these website and build your online reputation.
Is it easy to build your social media reputation?
Yes it is . . some think that it take time to increase the followers and comments on your profile and some also feel that they might require to spend good number of hours but actually that is not the case. Login in for 5 minutes a day and understanding what the world is doing and what the trends are going on in your specific social friends or followers circle can build your reputation easily.
Do I need to have many social website accounts to build and increase my value online?
The answer is no . . . until you are not into search engine optimization or blogging. Social media networking is quite vast chapter if you study in detail. But having some major accounts which are important for everyone is that what all you need.
Let’s have a look on the major social networking sites where your presence is a must.
1.     Twitter :
One of the major social networking sites with loads of user base twitter is one of the primary website where you must presence in order to build your reputation. You can find interesting people informing about areas and ideas you are dealing with – for eg : if you are into sales and marketing – search for the term and start following people to get ideas and news from them.
Promote them if you like their tweets, retweet them and communicate with them constantly to make your presence in their timelines.
2.     Facebook :
I don’t need to give you more details on facebook since I am assure if you are reading my post you are a user of facebook. Only few points here is to
Whenever you think there is good status by your friends – do like them – it will not cost anything but it increase the chances of liking your status messages in further future.
Check recent updates of your friends share whatever you like in your timeline it will add value to both you as well as your friends update.
Join groups which interest you or create a page or a group which you master in (this require time to update the page once in a while otherwise constant pages with no updates may not give you that much of response)
Points to be remember while using facebook:
  • Never like your own status message –
  • Never ask for a like from your group on your status
  • Comment in a positive manner
  • Never spam your timeline with loads of url’s
  • Never sent games request – since it may frustrate users
  • If you are playing games on facebook be assure to block them from your timelines

3.     Forums
Participate in forum which interests you send your answer and your views – this will help others to understand your point of view on a particular topic.
4.     LinkedIn
Another important professional social networking website linked in where you get connected with professional across the globe. LinkedIn helps you to create your network of people which can be important for you.
Take part in Question and Answers – I have got lot of connections just participating in Q&A of Linked in
Join Linked in groups with common interest.
And finally recommend people and ask for yourself – this will add an advantage to your LinkedIn profile.
There are many more ideas where you can build your online presence and reputation by following these tricks.

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