Sunday, August 5, 2012

6 Rules for Twitter Marketing to Remember

Social media is considered as one of the major media now a day where you can build your online presence and communities, Social media lets you to increase and grow your market by understanding the requirement in the market of your clients and customers
Social media help you to build a long term relationship with your prospect customer. Apart from this you can market your products and services to these groups of communities. There are many platforms available where you can market your product or services via social media but one of the majorly used tools for social media networking is twitter.
Twitter is considered as one of the low cost marketing tools which can help you to grow viral in the social media market Apart from this you can easily target a group of people as per their requirements. It’s not only creating a twitter account and having some of the followers who will read your tweets or re-tweets your tweets.
If you are choosing twitter as one of your marketing platform for social media to attract your potential customers then there are certain rules which are applicable for successful twitter marketing. So what are these rules ? Lets have a look below:
Twitter Marketing Rule # 1-
Tweet which help to educate your audience/followers. Engage in a communication with your audience – Remember the rule here should not be selling your products it should be communicating with your audience – understanding their needs and then finally completing their needs as per their choice
Twitter Marketing Rule # 2-
Don’t spam the timelines by posting same message or hammering with similar links on your followers timeline you may find decrease in the followers if you do so.
Twitter Marketing Rule # 3
Never ever depend on Automated tweets – When you do this the only advantage you get is that you connect in a multiple time-zone but remember people are smart to understand the tweets are automated or real. Further Automating the tweets will keep you full in risk since there are chances where your account get suspended.
Twitter Marketing Rule # 4-
“URL behind every tweet, will not make you sweet” – Avoid this strictly since you will appear as a spammer. Send variety of tweets some with url some without URL.
Twitter Marketing Rule # 5-
You are not only person or a company tweeting – Mix up your tweets with other topics – If you tweet only about your products, or your company people will not be more likely interested – Check out trending topics around the world – create a related tweet – Send beautiful quotes to your follower timeline. This will allow you to be different rather being constant and hammered tweets of only your products.
Twitter Marketing Rule # 6-
Get More Followers my Friends – Fake Fake Fake – These tactic will just take away your hard earned money – the followers which you get by paying 25$ of fees are not real at all – Although you can see they are tweeting on a continuous basis – but tell me if out of 5000 follower purchased no one is re-tweeting or communicating with your then what is the use – One principle is that it is better to have 100 active followers rather having 1000 dead followers.
Once you follow these rules in your twitter marketing you may have desired result in your twitter marketing techniques.


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