Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Rupert Grint

Loads of wishes to Rupert Grint – Harry Potter – Ron Weasley aka Ronald Weasley – trended today on twitter when the star turns 24, I am the greatest fan of Rupert Grint and have watched every potter series and I love the expression and act of Rupert in every part of harry potter – specially his face when he see spiders. Here are some of the tweets to Rupert grint on his 24th birthday

Professor Snape ‏@_Snape_
Happy Birthday Rupert Grint. You showed the world that perhaps gingers do have souls after all.

Hogwarts ‏@HogwartsHouses
Happy birthday, Rupert Grint! #Hogwarts

Ravenclaw's diadem. ‏@_Potterwatch_
Happy Birthday Rupert Grint, you are grintastic and we are bloody proud ;)

нappy bday ʀupert. ‏@HogwartsTrio
10 years ago you were trying to turn your rat pet yellow in a train, and today you're turning 24.. We love you, Happy Birthday Rupert Grint!

The Girl Who Lived ‏@Potterology
I swear, he was that little kid trying to turn his stupid fat rat yellow just a day ago. Happy Birthday Rupert Grint!

Kristen Stewart ‏@woahstewart
Happy Birthday Rupert Grint! My favorite ginger boy

Harry Potter PC ‏@HarryPotterPC
Ron Weasley, the boy who showed us there's no bravery without fear and that spiders aren't good at all. 

Happy Birthday Rupert Grint!

Rue. ‏@CleverGranger
Happy Birthday Rupert Grint. Making ginger haired people the coolest people ever since 1988.

Odair. ϟ ‏@FlawlessPhelps
On August 24th 1988, a true star and our perfect Ron Weasley was born. Happy Birthday Rupert Grint!

Magic of Potter. ‏@HarryPotterists
The perfect portrayal of Ronald Weasley turns 24 today. They grow up so fast. Happy Birthday Rupert Grint.

Happy birthday Rupert Grint! You're the best thing to happen to gingers since hair dye #GrintIsOurKing

draco malfoy. ‏@comealongdraco
Happy Birthday Rupert Grint! The sexiest ginger alive! #GrintIsOurKing

Cauldron. ‏@RonTheGinger
Happy birthday, Rupert Grint. What a gingerlicious doppleganger you are.

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