Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to get Noticed on twitter in few steps

To gain followers and to create a good base of your twitter followers is as important as tweeting and updating your status messages. You have twitter account but it is you who first follow people and then people follow you – or other way round yes – it is by getting noticed by people of your followers – follower
How you can get noticed on twitter and people start following you – Optimize your twitter following by following these tips which normally tweeple forgot.
1.     Write your Bio
Writing about your self is equally important which will state the interest of yours and twitter suggest you when someone search for that particular keyword. Many people don’t put their bio or about themselves, considering it unimportant. But your bio act as a keyword bar where there are chance people will start following you once twitter put you in the list of People for that particular keyword.
2.     Put proper keywords :
Seen on many bio that tweeple don’t put proper keyword in their bio’s for example if you are into search engine optimization and in writing and if you put something not related to your field then twitter may not able to suggest you – it is as similar as google robots
3.     Increase your following
This is give and take policy – if you have list of following then people will start follow you and further twitter can suggest their followers to follow you below is the example:

4.     Be appealing in your tweets :
Tweet about the area you are into – This will help your followers to understand your niche and others a motivation to follow you. If you are into marketing and you are tweeting more on Human resource management then there may be chance where you may end up losing your followers.
5     5.  Follow people which interest you :
Search the tool box and see who are the people who have similar interest – start following them and start sharing your ideas this may not give you instant follow back but once you start communication you may get a good group of people who will follow you  
By following these tips you can see that people start following you - the process will be slow but as per my experience i have seen 200 followers every week which may not require a follow back also 

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