Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quotes Part - 5

"The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." - G.K. Chesterton - Quote

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!." -Thomas Alva Edison - Quote

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and cupcakes." - Quote

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one. -- Friedrich Nietzsche - Quote

"If you cannot posess joy in the poorest of states, you will not posess joy in the richest of states." --  

"My play list starts with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin." - - Quote

"Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom." - Phyllis Theroux - Quote

Who is better, they who promote truth over happiness, or happiness over truth? -- Friedrich Nietzsche - 

If they dumb enough to walk away be smart enough to let them go - Quote

Judge nothing, you will be happy.. Forgive everything, you will be happier.. Love everything, you will be 
happiest.. happy - Quote

"Use your past as an advisor, but not as your commander." - Quote

"Life is not fair; get used to it." -Bill Gates - Quote

"Never put an age limit on your dreams." -12-times olympic medalist swimmer Dara Torres - Quote.

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. --  
Thomas Edison - Quote

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. -- Socrates - Quote

"The best revenge is massive success." - Frank Sinatra - Quote

Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.  - Quote

"Practice Forgiveness Every Day! The Most Difficult or Impossible Situations are the Most Essential" -- 
Wayne Dyer - Quote

"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead." -Neil Patrick Harris - Quote

“ You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. --  CS Lewis - Quote

After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts. -- Aristotle Onassis - Quote

Shakespeare is the happy hunting ground of all minds that have lost their balance. James Joyce - Quote

"Getting what you want is not nearly as important as giving what you have." - Tom Krause - Quote

"He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; he that dares not reason is a slave." --  William Drummond - Quote

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. --  Einstein - Quote

"To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art." - Quote

“Save the earth, it's the only planet with cupcakes." Cupcakes - Quote

"You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -- Dr. Seuss love - Quote

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Dr. Seuss - Quote

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." - Quote CSLewis

"The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas." -Linus Pauling - Quote

There is no conversation more boring than the one where everybody agrees. -- Michel de Montaigne - Quote

"Abundance is Not Something we Desire – it is Something we Tune Into" -- Wayne Dyer - Quote

"We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are." - Max De Pree - Quote FB

"Smile is the Best Makeup." - Quote

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -- Aristotle - Quote

"Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination." - William Longgood - Quote

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." - Martin Luther King, Jr. - Quote

"Doing the work of God is dangerous. Not doing it is more dangerous." -- Sabina Wurmbrand - Quote

"Everybody ought to do at least two things each day that he hates to do, just for practice." - William James - Quote

I was young and foolish then; now I am old an foolisher. - MarkTwain. - Quote

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." - Scott Hamilton - Quote

"Trying to get everything, you often get nothing." - Quote

A real man doesn't make love to a million women. A real man makes love to one women a million ways -- Unknown - Quote

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. -- Plato - Quote

"A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools." - Quote

Misfortune shows those who are not really friends. -- Aristotle - Quote

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. - John C Maxwell - Quote

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." - Quote C S Lewis

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now." -author Alan Lakein - Quote.

"Forget regret, or life is yours to miss." - Jonathan Larson - Quote

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren - Quote

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