Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#4hours is trending on twitter for Justin Bieber

#4hours is trending on twitter - i thinked that i may be some very important topic which is trending like a countdown but finally i got to know that this topic of #4Hours is trending for Justin Bieber new short film - ALAYLM video

Some of the tweets related to this trends is as follows :

  • In #4hours everyone will see the most amazing video ever #shortfilm RT if you are excited(:
  • In #4HOURS, together Justin and Beliebers are going to show the world what we've got in our hands. Retweet if you more than excited.
  • RT if you're more than excited for the ALAYLM video! #4HOURS
  • I missed the Boyfriend countdown because I fell asleep but the ALAYLM video countdown? I wont be missing. #4HOURS BELIEBERS! #4HOURS.
  • "The ALAYLM video is 9 minutes long. There's a pool scene, a heavy kissing scene, a scene where Justin cries and more." #4HOURS LEFT.
  • Less than #4HOURS to go?! The ALAYLM VIDEO is going to make history.
  • #7Hours #6Hours #5Hours #4Hours #3Hours #2Hours #1Hour until As long as you love me VIDEO - RT if u CANT WAIT! :)
from the above trend i can see the love, power of a strong fan base and a family

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