Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ramadaan 2012 - Mohammed Ali Road - Mumbai - India

These Pics were taken last year when we visited Mohammed Ali Road - Mumbai During last year Ramzan jouney - Mohammed Ali road - one of the busiest street of mumbai during Ramdaan with loads of street food - From Malpua till mouth watering other dishes - do visit this place if you are in mumbai during Ramadaan month.

Here we go with the images

We initiated our journey from Bandra Linking road at 10 pm - check out some crowd on road and the kind of products which were in demand - Linking road provide you with good quality and cheap products starting from jeans till leather shoes.

 Wide variety of belts for jeans and formals as well as casual dressing costing less then 3 $
 The kind of design linking road provide with the variety of scandals and boots - they are simply awesome
 A view of Mahim Cadel Road - at 12 am
 Finally reached Mohammed Ali Road and had these delicious Maal Poova with double eggs & Rabdi on top of it costing 2 $ around 100 Rs. - One is enough for 3 people
Continuous orders were taken at the counter it was around selling of 10 maal poova in 2 minutes time and preparing 5 mall poova in 5 minutes

 It was time to taste some spicy food - From Chicken tandoori to Mutton chops most of the Mughlai foods available to taste
Fact : The shops at Mohammed Ali road are opened till Sahoor - (Sehri) and closed after that -
Fact : Every year people from various  community such as Parsis, Hindus, Christians visit Mohammed Ali Road to munch the food and varieties
Fact : Apart from people many big celebrities also visit Mohammed Ali road every year
Apart from these many other sweet dishes for which Mohammed Ali Road is famous is for the sweets of Usman suleman Mithaiwalaa - Mango Firni & Masala milk of cafe Noorani

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