Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to schedule tweets for future with

How to schedule tweets for future :

Being Active on twitter I was just searching on internet for tools which can help me to tweet automatically in future, or scheduling tweets for future. Although there are many tools available which help you to schedule your tweets on twitter for future but when I tried using My rating on a scale of 5 if 4.5 stars to the tool.

What you can do with

As of now the base is on scheduling your tweets automatically for future, But apart from this it also allows you to use some features such as flipping the tweets like this 

Another feature which I liked about is each of choosing your time of scheduling your tweets - I mean you can click on the hands of the watch simply to schedule your tweets for future like this offers you to check all your schedule tweets and their status any time you can edit the tweets as required - it also allow you if you want to have a re occurrence of your tweets on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Further you can set your own time zone which is suitable for you’re to tweet. 

Since is a free service it can be used by anyone who is having twitter account only an authorization is require to login into your account from via oath.  
Some of the advantages of using are as follows : 

  • If you want to be an active user of your twitter account but you don’t get time to tweet too often you can schedule your tweets for future. This will help to maintain your presence on your twitter account and there may not be decrease in your followers list. 
  • can help you to schedule you tweets with re occurrence where you can wish your friends or colleagues or followers on occasions or birthdays.  
  • In the event of promotions you can start scheduling tweets every minute so that you don't miss that target audience (Note :  Don't hammer with same tweet otherwise you may end up loosing your followers)
  • Using is quite easy - in few clicks you can start scheduling your tweets with less confusion

- My suggestion - 

  • Only use when you feel you don't have time to get in touch with your followers everyday - since it can be easily understood if you tweeting from a scheduler or a software. 

  • Never Hammer every day with similar tweets to similar followers otherwise you may end up loosing importing followers of your twitter account

  • Finally use it as a back up tool not as a main tool 

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