Monday, August 27, 2012

My Collection of Facebook Photos

Some of the best photos on facebook which i liked the most - These photos actually i saved for this blog post. I hope you will enjoy them 

You just need to jerk your neck little to see the word Liar.

That's awesome hand art
The eye is immortal - beautiful pic of an eye - close up
Another fact of your toe
It's normally happen on Facebook
Justin Bieber wants to be a Bat - Man !
Mario & Turtle - finally
How i write in my Exam papers
The Hulk - Who is the best ?
Printer running out of ink
Spot the 7 differences
I love the guy who created Alt key and Tab key on my keyboard
The Most Hated ?
Why So Serious - Awesome
Have you did this ever
That's LOL

BatMan in India
Boys and Girls reaction
Single v/s Married
That's another fact while chatting with your crush
and Finally after loads of reasearch i found these famous people
A beautiful quote
This is how you Sing

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