Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to engage your twitter followers

Being presence on twitter and having 1000 followers or more is not a deal. The deal is how you will engage you twitter followers who will remember you and read your tweets by checking on your profile page every day. Another point on engagement of your twitter followers is that in 140 characters message you have you create impression which will create a friendly relationship between you and your followers.
Here we go with some of the tips which will engage your followers
1.     Tweet Tweet and Tweet :
The above doesn’t mean that you start hammering your followers – start tweeting regularly on the topics they like – or things you do for eg: what you are planning today – update and tweet it. You can also tweet some news items which will help them to understand what is going on around your country. I normally tweet quotes or jokes to put a big smile on my followers.
2.     Retweet
If you like some tweets of your followers never ashamed of retweeting them. I have seen that Retweets created a big difference in the engagement of your followers list. You can retweet in two ways on twitter
a.     Either in a quote @XYX
b.     Or a Direct retweet
From the above Direct retweet seems to be good as compare to quoting
Retweeted messages are helpful to your followers sometimes and the person may get more retweets with the help of your followers.
3.     Send @ messages whenever require:
Speak @ messages on your followers post – Sometimes you may agree on their point or you can clarify your points with @ messages – This way you are keeping the engagement of your followers and other into a large communication
4.     Recommend profile to your followers:
This is another good way of engaging your followers, Recommend it to your group by Shouting out for a Follow back to your particular follower.
There are many other ways to engage your followers in the communication the above are just the basic which you can follow to build a good twitter profile 

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