Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mumbai police commissioner Arup Patnaik -

Trending topic Arup Patnaik after his transfer and Promotion

Police commissioner of Mumbai Arup Pattnaik, has been promoted as Director general and posted being a Managing Director of – MSRDC Maharastra State Development Corporation Mumbai Police.This promotion happened after Patnaik faced criticism over the Azad Maidan violence which happened on August 11, 2012. 

Senior IPS officer – Satyapal Sing is a new Mumbai commissioner of Police appointed recently.

The Azad Maidan rally was organized by Raza Academy and other towards the protest of incidents in Burma and Assam – Patnaik faced criticism for handing the violence happened at Azad Maidan where many policemen were injured

Pattnaik -Arup Patnaik & Satyapal Singh are trending topics on twitter – India Trends

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