Monday, October 29, 2012


#YouGainPoints or simply You gain points is one of the top trending topic on twitter today worldwide. In this trend according to me tweeple think others will get point if they perform something for others lets see what is the tweeps we have related to the trend

#YouGainPoints if you let me wear your hoodies and play with my hair.

#YouGainPoints if you share your food with me.

#YouGainPoints if you're a white girl or Latina

#YouGainPoints if you're #TeamBlackBoys

#YouGainPoints if you realize the kitchen table ain't just for eating dinner on.

#YouGainPoints if Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of your school.

#YouGainPoints when you roll joints.

#YouGainPoints if u love him

#YouGainPoints If you lounge around in sweatpants with me and just want to cuddle for the night while
watching romantic movies.

#YouGainPoints if you will go to shows with me and mosh

#YouGainPoints If you'd rather chill at home instead of going out.

#YouGainPoints if you make time for your family

#YouGainPoints if you know your grammar. >

You text me good morning and goodnight. #YouGainPoints

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