Monday, October 15, 2012

High School Made me realize - #HighSchoolMadeMeRealize

Todays top trending topic on twitter is High school Made me realize - this is i think the 10th topic which i would be covering on school memories. Previously there were other topics which trended such as school memories, My teacher always say.

Let see what is the reaction of tweeples on this trend

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that you can have so many friends in school but as soon as you finish, you'll be lucky to have 2 friends

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize you don't need alcohol to have fun. l

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that love is nothing but a game.

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that high school isn't the same as High School musical we aren't all in this together you're on your own, good luck

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that High School Musical was a lie

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize I hate 90% of people my age

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that you won't leave with the same friends that you came in with.

Most of the tweets are related to fake people, friendship & people read more about this trend

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize Stupid Niggas Ditch Class And Stay On Campus .

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize who your real friends are.

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize shut up

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that you don't walk out with the same friends you walked in with.

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize about my friends! FAKE friends believe in rumors. REAL friends believe in me.

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that i truly hate people and social interaction.

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that there's a lot of fake friends coming and going.

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that I didn't go to high school. #OutTraining

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that everyones fake

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that dating in high school is just a waste of time.

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that you can't trust everyone!

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize you don't choose the thug life, the thug life chooses you.

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize that some of these parents need to stop acting like their kids friend and raise them

#HighSchoolMadeMeRealize I don't need 90% of the people I meet.

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