Monday, October 8, 2012

Daughter of Asha Bhosle committed suicide - Varsha Bhosle

A very sad news trending on twitter Asha Bhosle & Varsha Bhosle - The news is singer Asha Bhosle daugher Varsha Bhosle committed suicide by killing herself with a revolver in south mumbai peddar road.

Varsha was a singer who worked as a playback singer in few Hindi and Marathi movies and also appeared in some of the concerts of Asha Bhosle. She was also worked as a columnist and attempted suicide previously also. 

The body was rushed to JJ hospital for post mortem. She was married to a sports writer and was a divorcee.

Detailed information about Varsha Bhosle 

Varsha Bhosle was 56 years old, She finished her schooling from Hill Grange High school located at Pedder Road Mumbai in the year 1974. she also studied Political science from Elphistone college.

Work : 

She was a singer who sung for various Hindi and Marathi movies, she also worked as a columnist for Reddiff from the year 1997 till 2003, before this she was working with The sunday observer from the year 1994 till 1998. Apart from this she also worked with Gentleman magazine and wrote for Times of India 

Personal Life : 

She was living with her mother, Asha Bhosle and was married to a sport writer and PR professional Hemant Kenkre, later on the couple got divorced in the year 1998. In September 2009 she attempted suicide by overdosing the sleeping pills. 

Today : 

She shot herself in the head at her residence located in Peddar road - Prabhu Kunj. No suicide note found till now, and she used license weapon

(Source Wikipedia)

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