Friday, October 5, 2012

How to increase your facebook page likes quickly for free

How to increase your facebook page likes quickly - Facebook is one of the most important social media networking sites, there are millions of people who get registered every day and share updates. There are almost every company, firm or organization who have their facebook pages where upcoming information or updates are shared to their customers or general user.

The importance of a facebook page is highly depended on the number of likes you have on a page. The more number of like the more your page will appear in the facebook search and it is more shared to the group of people which will ultimately increase the number of likes everyday.

Getting number of likes on a facebook page is a little bit slow process if you don't want to invest on facebook advertisement, with this statement you can understand there are two ways to increase your facebook page likes

Either invest in facebook Advertisement


Approach people in your friend circle to like your page

The first method is cost consuming and the second method is time consuming, Also if you start approaching people manually then it may reduce the value of your page in the mind of users.

After researching on many tools to increase likes on your facebook page. I land up with Addmefast is one of the best method to increase your likes quickly. The website works on points system which is provided to you everyday or you can purchase the points if required. The method addmefast use is the give and take policy.

You have to register first which can be done from this link Further create a campaign  and then select the facebook likes & web likes you can share your facebook page link and number of coins per clicks you offer on per like.

I will be covering the steps to use for increasing your facebook likes.

Remember - This is the safe method to increase your facebook page likes


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