Tuesday, October 30, 2012


#100ThingsAboutMe or 100 things about me is trending on twitter worldwide trends - I feel to speak 100 things about me 140 characters is too less, before this #10ThingsAboutMe was trending on twitter - lets see what tweeple says on the trend #100ThingsAboutMe

#100ThingsAboutMe I hate seeing people flirt with the person I like.

#100ThingsAboutMe - I love shopping but hate when using my own money. I love you mom, love you dad (:

#100ThingsAboutMe My armor thinks we are in a reltionship. pic.twitter.com/shT4rYYs

#100ThingsAboutMe I don't even know 100 things about myself probably

#100ThingsAboutMe - Fear of cat.

#100ThingsAboutMe I can't sleep with the lights on. Unless if i'm scared

#100ThingsAboutMe I hate the smell of cigarette smoke

#100ThingsAboutMe - Get jealous easily.

#100ThingsAboutMe. Suka study last minute.

#100ThingsAboutMe 1. I love Justin Bieber ..... 100. I love Justin Bieber.

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