Saturday, October 6, 2012

4 reasons Website clicks is harmful using addmefast offers a service which can increase the traffic on your website, i personally feel may be harmful because of the following reasons :

1. The user who will click on your website will only do to increase the addmefast points. (No interest or target user)

2. User will only click on the link and stay on the page - ie: no activities such as viewing the page

3. Addmefast offers 20 seconds for the user to be on a page and that also it take at least 5 seconds to play the website first - this will increase the bounce rate on your website and further decrease the ranking in search engines.

4. If user click on any links from your website - the user is moved to another page where it just distract from your website page.

there are other methods where you can increase the traffic on your website such as using retweeting services or tweet services from add me fast - the result may not be guaranteed 100%  but it is less risky

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