Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to increase points in Add me Fast

Third topic today on how to increase your coins or points

Add me fast provide excellent services to increase your facebook likes, twitter followers etc. It is based on the coin system where the coins get deducted automatically once the user clicks on your campaign. The number of coins every day allowed by addmefast is 100 as a bonus. But if you are looking out to manage various social media enhancement you need more coins.

There are certain ways to increase the points on

Basic method : You can increase the points via activities such as liking facebook pages, following people on twitter, retweeting tweets, youtube likes etc. This method is time consuming and the coins collected is depend on the service you are choosing for eg :  facebook likes provide you with 8 to 9 points, facebook web likes provide you with 4 or 2 points similarly for others.

Daily Bonus :  This is a good way to increase your addmefast points. You are provided straight away with 100 points once you do certain clicks or activites from your account. This bonus of 100 points is provided every day.

Referrals : Another good method of increasing your addmefast points is via referring your friends to use addmefast you get 50 point added straight away when someone register and total 300 points when some one use addmefast service in a complete manner. My referral link is here -

Buy Points : If you are willing to spend some money to get quick likes on your facebook pages without wasting time of getting point, then buy points is the best way to increase your points. Below is the pricing for buying points you can choose from

You can use my refferal link for registration on

Kindly don't use any other tricks to get points otherwise your account may get banned permanently 


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    1. I did the first method, but nothing changed a bit. Can anyone help me ?

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  3. What method which we draw our points into cash