Thursday, October 25, 2012

RIP Jaspal Bhatti

The king of flop show - Jaspal Singh Bhatti who is trending on twitter as RIP Jaspal Bhatti camed as a big shock to me since he was one of the best actor in comedy providing proper timing and gigs to people.

Jaspal bhatti was born on 3rd march 1955 and died today was one of the famous Indian television personality. He was well known for his comic timing and considering common man problem. His flop show series was a super hit show on Doordarshan in the 90's
RIP Jaspal Bhatti and Flop show is trending on twitter today where the joker made tweeples cried. Apart from this Ulta pulta the mini capsules which ran on Doordarshan is also trending since it is associated with Jaspal Bhatti. He died in a road accident in Jalandhar where his car rammed into a tree.

His Twitter account and related information where he tweeted last on 18th october

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