Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gas cylinder price increased by Rs. 11.42

Another worst news for householders that Cooking gas (LPG) cylinder price is increase by Rs 11.42. This price hike is the government decision to increase the commission to the dealers.  Before this the cost of non - subsidised LPG was costing around 883.5 which will now touch Rs. 900.

Government also decided last month to restrict the supply of LPG cylinders to 6  per house hold in a year.

Rs. 11.42 is trending on twitter because of these reason. I am sure that this will be affecting Indians very negatively since the prices of almost everything is increasing in India day by day.

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  1. i'm sure that one day people would theft, daal, rice, wheat, vegitabes insted of gold, money, and other costly things. Thanx UPA, for leading us toward that kind of nation. where middle class can't afford even one time meal