Thursday, October 25, 2012

Deonar - on Occassion of Bakri Eid or Eid ul zuha/Adha

Just wanted to cover this topic since it is related to bakri eid which will be celebrate by Indians muslim on saturday - Deonar A place located in Mumbai suburbs where every year lakhs of goats are transported from various corners of India like Kashmir, UP, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan etc.

I visited deonar on yesterday, people were packed in purchasing goats on this occassion, roads outside Bazaar was packed with transport vehicles and people holding 3,4 and some holding dozens of goats of different varieties towards the preparation of the festival. More than 2.6 lakhs of goats was transported 2 days before and sellers were ready to move with ordering new lot of animals.

The price range of goat varies from its breed, weigh, looks etc. The base price range for a goat of around 35 kg was in between 10,000 Rs. I even saw animals costing Rs. 2.5 lakhs with the weight of 130 kgs. Although the pricing were high till monday but suddenly i found the price got lowered  because of the heavy rains which did some loss of the seller. the animals which was costing Rs. 25k on Monday was dropped by 17k.

My tip - If you are planning to buy go there and check out the range of goats. Since the supply is high the prices of the goats dropped.

Do check the goat thoroughly before buying - Take a walk to see if the goat is in proper condition - check the teeth

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