Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tips on How to make a relationship Last

#HowToMakeARelationshipLast - How to make a relationship last trending topic on twitter today. Another topic on relationship which is trending on twitter is #RelationshipsFallApartBecause (covering in our next blog post)

Here we go with some of the tips which will make your relationship last

> Do not lie, do not cheat, and do not make promises you can't keep

> Don't constantly talk about your last relationship!

> Show her that you love Her/Him physically and emotionally

> Be honest, trustworthy, caring, don't make promises you can't keep, make time for each other, and have fun!

> Don't let others hold the pen, be on the same page and write your own love story.

> Don't air your problems to social media or friends. Sometimes those are the ones dying to see you fail.

> Put some type of trust in your partner....

> Respect each other

> Make decisions together

> Apologize if you are wrong

> Respect Each Other

> Don't give up on each other.

> Listen, understand, and then communicate.

> Don't put your business on social networks

> Treat her/him like a Princess/Prince

I hope the above tips will make your relationship last forever happily

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