Monday, October 1, 2012

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend - Things you say to your best friend

Tagged as - #ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend | Things you say to your best friends 
Another topic on twitter for friends trending today worldwide - Here we covered some of the opinion of tweeples on what they say to their best friend

#thingsyousaytoyourbestfriend "they said to keep it a secret, but obviously I'll tell you!"

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend You're the best thing that's ever been mine <3

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend tonight is on, let's get wasted!

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend buy me food

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend thanks always stand beside me

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend When you see someone ugly in your textbook and you're like "Look, it's you."

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend thankyou for everything you've ever done to me :*

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend thanks to be mine, thanks coz you always hear what I wanna share and you are always there when I need

"#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend 'I'm not supposed to tell anyone this but obviously i'll tell you'" we should stop this

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend thanks for making me addicted to the korean thingy! ;)

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend You're the best thing that's ever been mine <3

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend 'They told me not to tell anyone but obviously you don't count....'

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend *point at a picture of monkey* 'look its you!'

#thingsyousaytoyourbestfriend you're a prick

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend *points at ugly person in a book* and say "look its you!"

#thingsyousaytoyourbestfriend *girl she doesn't like walks by* "oh look! Your best friend!"

#thingsyousaytoyourbestfriend you're my best friend.

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend "You Should Watch Running Man for Your Health and For Your Own Sake" xD

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend You are a human and definitely not a cat

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend you're hungry? omg no wonder you're so fat buut im starving so lets get some food

#thingsyousaytoyourbestfriend most of the time you dont even need words, just that eye contact and facial expression and they understand!

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend *sees someone they dislike* hey look its your bestfriend!

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend let me kiss you on the mouth, bro

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend "if my parents call make sure you say I am at the library" #DesiHumour

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestfriend random stuff that no-one else understands

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend if we get caught .. Here's the story...

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend I'll do It f you do it

#ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend Ask my mom if I can go. She likes you more than she likes me.

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