Friday, October 5, 2012

How to register & use add me fast

We covered the topic in our previous blog post that how to increase your facebook pages likes quickly via To use addmefast you need to start with the registration process

Step 1 :

Go to the website

Click on the registration which is below email icon you will get the below screen

You have to choose the email passwords and other details and click to sign up, After signing up you will receive a confirmation mail in your mail box

Once you confirm your email you can start using the services of addmefast, You will be provide with 100 points to use your services

Lets see what are the services you can you add me fast for

There are many services where you can increase your social media value

let's start with the terminologies -

Add site/Page :  This allows you to add a page which you want to be optimize this can varies from facebook like to increasing your youtube views or subscribers. you can add a link and a CPC which is coins per click you offer to the people. the coins can be 2 or 10 maximum The coins get deducted as and when someone like your pages or other services.

My Site :  Here you can manage your sites or campaigns, you can pause them, play them, edit or delete the campaign

Important point - Kindly don't delete the campaign since if you want to restart the campaign you need to contact the admin via support ticket so pausing is better than deleting

Daily Bonus : Add me fast allows you to get daily bonus of 100 coins every day once you do certain clicks or use services.

We will cover the topic how to increase your coins/points for add me fast, in another blog post 

Buy Points : You can purchase the points starting from 10$ till 400$ and then easily allocate the points for various campaigns 


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  3. i have a points about 850 but my followers dosent increase please help me

    1. Hi Khan,

      Do check the the points you are offering to people for the followers

      if it is zero then you may not gain followers.

      Apart from that you might have restricted daily followers limit.

      I suggest you to email the support team of as they helps you with quick response.

      Also it might be possible that you changes your twitter account user name and this problem persist


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  5. Hi Philip,

    thanks for contributing :)


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