Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#KKHakkaridebayrakladolassana - Long trending words

Difficult or worst trends on twitter or the longest trends on twitter which wast 40 % of your character which subjecting. We covered this topic of worst trends on twitter Today i would not say this is worst trend but a long trending words on twitter #KKHakkaridebayrakladolassana This is a turkish trend since google is asking me for a translation for the same but the fact is this is trending worldwide along with other trends.

Here we go with the image of twitter trending topics worldwide right now

#DramaLines started trending just 2 hours before

#100ThingsAboutMe we covered previously

Other trends include #unionjlovequotes



Furacao Sandy related to the sandy hurricane

New Jersey, FEMA and Gino are newly added trends 

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