Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear October 2012 - #MyOctoberWish

First of all i would like to thank all our viewers from twitter and other social sites who land up on our blog for trending topic news. September being our 4th and October being our 5th month of blogging. We have surely done much better interms of number of pageviews and topics we covered as compared to our previous months.

The month of September we covered around 80+ blog topics - which got trended on twitter and other social networking site and recorded a 13k+ pageviews as compare to May June July & August which was around 9K page views in total.

Dear October - #MyOctoberWish is trending on twitter today 

I wish all the best to our visitors who landed on this page for a better month ahead. Here we go with the list of wished related to the topic

Dear October, Please make me happy, no more sadness.

Dear October. please be the happiest month of this year so far? Thank you♥ :)

Dear October, be better than September. ♥

Dear October, Fast forward to December please? :) #MyOctoberWish

Dear October, please be better than September, if possible.

Dear October, more reasons to love and laugh please. :">

Dear October, be better than September. More laughs, less cries."

Dear October, please be good to me

Dear October, be a happy month!

Dear October please just ignore these 10 days and let's get straight to 11th of October. PLEASE.

Dear October, be good to me.

Dear October, please don't be cold

Dear October, Please be awesome.

Dear October, please be magical! :)

Dear October, please be good to me. I want to be successful, no more laziness

Dear October please make me happy <3

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