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World Food Day - 16th October 2012

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Today is World Food Day and it is celebrated every year on 16th October. World food day is celebrated every year since it is a day when food and Agriculture organization of United Nations was formed in the year 1945. There are various theme every year and for 2012 the theme is "Agricultural cooperatives - key to feeding the world."

WFD  - world food day was initiated and established by FAO's Member countries at the 20th Organizatio's Conference which was held in the year 1945. World food day is trending topic on twitter worldwide and it is observed by more than 150 countries every year for issues such as hunger and povery.

Last 5 theme of World food Day

The right to food -2007
World food security: the challenges of climate change and bioenergy - 2008
Achieving food security in times of crisis -2009
United against hunger - 2010
Food prices - from crisis to stability - 2011

This year theme of WFD is -  Agricultural cooperatives – key to feeding the world

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