Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why you should not delete a campaign in AddmeFast

This is very information piece if you are using addmefast to increase your facebook or other social media presence, that why you should not delete a campaign in add me fast my sites.

If you create a campaign on add me fast you have opportunity to play the campaign or pause the campaign and to delete the campaign. There are people who do these tricks

1. Creating a campaign for facebook likes - for 9 CPC.
2. Creating the same campaign by login as a different user in add me fast account to use the points which gets from daily bonus

Addmefast never allow that one single link is used by different account so the message is this

Then what ? delete the existing page from your previous account! - Hmmm. . .Good Idea - No Very Bad idea 

If you delete pages from your campaign and try to create the same page from another account you will get the same message. which means you just lost the campaign to get created again even from your first account.

I have seen many people doing that and then asking for help

Solution :

If you have done this mistake then you can create a support ticket with your message to recreate the page in your original account. You will get your page recreated by addmefast team within 24 hours. Hencforth, pausing the campaign is better than deleting a campaign

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