Friday, July 20, 2012

Western railway problem today - 20th July 2012

Western Railway - today around 450 Motormen from western railway went on a strike after demanding better conditions and towards implementing sixth pay commission - This strike will start from 4 pm today on Friday July, 20th 2012.

I thought to bring this articles on my blog since this can create awareness to people who are travelling via mumbai local trains. This strike will create a superb inconvenience to many people since the peak hour is started and many of them are relying on local trains to travel their homes. This news is halt on the Mumbai's lifeline. Expected affect on this movement will be from ChurchGate to Virar route.

Do share this information with your friends and  colleagues who travel via Mumbai local trains

Western Railway is packed and train is frequency is 1 in every hour, Because of this buses and rickshaws are packed. Solid tip - Wait and watch the situation before leaving to home. since it may be difficult to rent a cab or other transport

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