Friday, July 27, 2012

The Official Kidnapping Car of Bollywood

I was unable to stop my giggles and laugh when i cam across this image, Really Maruti Omni is considered as one of the best and official car for Kidnapping heroins, Mothers, Children and so on. . . .Shown in numerous movies that it is very easy to hold a 50 kg women and drag her into Maruti Omni
Maruti OMNI - The Official Kidnapping Car of Bollywood Since 1984

Maruti OMNI is still manufactured in India and used as cabs, or devlivery transport vehicle because of its large space and option to move back seats. The car average is around 10 to 14 kilometers per liter and many of cab drivers use it by adding a CNG. 

The only disadvantage of Maruti OMNI which i felt personally is since the engine is below - the car jerk incase of too much speeding - A maximum level of speed on Maruti OMNI once can move with is around 60 to 75 km per hour.

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  1. Yes,its the official kidnapping car of bollywood as its shifting door facility and spacious interior makes it a right choice for this act.