Friday, July 13, 2012

Small note on Google Adsense

I know this is not a trending topic but just love to create this topic out of curiosity.

One of the most desirable dream of any blogger or publisher is to have a Genuine Google Adsense account. Google Adsense can help you earning revenue on the words you are writing into your blog. Or website. Today there are many bloggers who have turned their words into money with the help of the google ad sense advertising program. Google Adsense allows you to have a easy way of earning revenue from the website. Google Adsense allows various option of earning money such as Pay per click and other methods

But due to increase in the miss usage of Adsense, google is turning down many request from people who want to become partner with adsense. There is now more strict policies and rules for opening a google adsense account. Be sincere while creating adsense account.  Don’t hurry to create adsense account after you complete your first blog post – You will be rejected.

Remember – Don’t be a blogger for Money, Be a Blogger for People and Money will come automatically

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