Friday, July 13, 2012

Tips on Effective Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Today Internet marketing is one of the leading areas which is capable of reaching various people around the world, Internet marketing consist of many channels one of which is social networking and the first word which comes to your mind is twitter or facebook. The fact is that it’s not only two which capture your social media – there are thousands of website which helps you in social media networking out of which twitter is considered as one of the best to get in touch with your prospects and people who might be interested in your product and services. Internet marketing is widely used by many companies since selling online is now a trend and easy to purchase the desired products. Companies use many other platforms to sell their own products and services some of them are third party such as eBay or or they have their own website.

One of the best ways to allow your products to be seen by the world is twitter marketing since it is easy to get the target audience and to check on the trends people are following. Also a tweet to your followers with a link may get in traffic to your website for free. Although you need to remember that twitter is not the only tool which will give you traffic to your website you have to plan in a 360 degree way to achieve your marketing goals.

So how twitter can help you in Marketing?

Being a sales person it is not only twitter which will allow you to sell or market your product so kindly understand that twitter can create awareness and brand but sales might be difficult since you have to communicate with your followers or people who respond to you. 

The first step is to build a good number of followers who would be interested in buying your products or services or who can atleast visit to your online store. This can be achieving by targeting followers with the search tool bar of twitter with keywords related to your products or services.

Communicate that Aware them and once you have built a relationship with your followers you can start promoting your services or products to them. Also note down this point that keeping 100 followers may not help you to achieve your goals. You need to increase your followers slowly and gradually

How to increase your twitter followers:

There is limits to everything similar to twitter that you can initiate 2000 followers but after that you can only follow people once your followers limit reach 2000. Make use of some of the following tools where you can check people whom you are following don’t follow you. 

You can also send messages to people for a follow back. Note the large number of followers the effect of single tweet will fetch more visitors to your website and thus high ranking in Search engine optimization. Informing everyday about your products and services, update them everyday on the products related news or things you are covering on your blog (Kindly note don’t hammer them everyday otherwise you may see fall in your follower list)

Quick tips on how to write effective tweets
  1. Update the followers – but don’t hammer their timeline
  2. Send promotional tweets about your products or services
  3. Retweet if you like any post of your followers
  4. Reply and be in communication
  5. Be friendly answer their queries and build strong relationship
  6. Don’t Bluff with tweet just to increase your visitor
  7. Building a trust is important rather just tweeting on twitter


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    1. I have covered more tips on twitter some of them are basic tips till advance. Do checkout my other post and stay connected

      Thanks ! :)

  2. Make the lines that you use to promote your business very attractive and catchy to grab the attention of all the twitter users who comes across it.

  3. Twitter provides huge traffic to your website and also it increase brand identity. It provides needful customers for your products.

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    1. Hi,

      It only provides you with traffic in 2 cases

      1. Proper timing of tweet and hashtag you are using
      2. The number of real followers you have (this is my personal experience)

      I have 5 accounts on twitter 4 have around 1000 followers each

      When i tweet from the above 4 account - i only get 4 hits

      and the 5th account which have 40 k followers gain 10 hits with single tweet.