Friday, July 27, 2012

Top 12 Dialogues of Teachers

Teacher, Professor, Sir, Madam . . . . You all have given me one of the most precious gift of . . . .Education - by which i am now assure that my forth coming generations will get from me and my children.

Here we come up with some of the most beautiful memories of school or college day - Best dialogues of Teachers - These are the dialogues for your growth in life - They are sometime dangerous for you to think that you might be a fool sitting in the class. 

Top 12 Dialogues of Teachers

1. Silence . . . . .Is this class or Fish Market ? 
2. Why Are you Laughing ? Tell Us So that we can also Laugh. Stand up 
3. Why Do you come to School, when you don't Like to Study 
4. If you want to talk, - - - - Please Go Out & Talk - Don't Disturb Others.
5. Why don't you show this talent In studies, You will Grow.
6. Is this what your parents send you school for? Tell Me. . ?
7. Why were you Absent Yesterday ? Now Bring Your parents tomorrow.
8. Speak Loudly else i need to give you Breakfast - (Rolling Stick)
9. I am talking to you only, why are you looking Back ? 
10. Don't Lie . . . Do you think we are fools here?
11. What you did whole day ? Why didn't you do Homework ? 
12. And finally last but not the least, "Your Juniors are Better than you".

These dialogues are very important for every student for growth. . . So never be personal on these dialogues - chill and do what you want to do in Life

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