Monday, July 16, 2012

TheDateWasOverWhen trending from past 9 hours

TheDateWasOverWhen  is another powerful trending topic of twitter which is trending on worldwide trends from past 8 hours. Here are some of the tweets which is written by the tweeple to make this as a trending topic.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen I caught you texting jake from state farm
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen I saw you smoking. I really HATE smoker! x(
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen the rohypnol wore off.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you asked for your nandos to be mild.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you said you like Twilight.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you said you didn't like You Me At Six.
  • #thedateWasOverWhen I seen your toes hanging out of your sandals
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you started talking about your ex
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you told me you had never heard of Greyson Chance or his song “Hold on ‘til the Night” - #SorryCharlie
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen your girlfriend turned up at the restaurant.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you started going on about your ex
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you hid me in your top bunkbed
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen your avi didn't match up with your actual face.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen I looked down at your feet and you had crocs on.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you told me you'd never read Harry Potter...
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen I realized that wasn't even you in your twitter icon.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you said you dont like Nirvana
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen you put your Pauls Boutique jacket on.
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen lol when'd the date even start?
  • #TheDateWasOverWhen You said you didn't like crocs

Some of the current trending regions are Worldwide, Germany, UK, USA, Baltimore, London and many more 

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