Monday, July 16, 2012

Tongam Rina - Shot in Itanagar

News from Itanagar – trending topic of twitter today - Tongam Rina

Tongam Rina, a female reporter, had been shot by some miscreants around Itanagar on Sunday. Law enforcement team and police has stated that Rina who is thirty two year old was entering into her Arunachal Times office which is situated in Sector-E region in the state capital around 6pm when the shooters, who had been awaiting  for her there, fired at the Tongam Rina. The assailants fled after the episode.

Rina is working as associate editor of Arunachal Times, Arunachal times is owned by the family of former CM Gegong Apang.

After the incidence Rina was rushed to Ram Krishna Mission Hospital located in Itanager where Doctors stated her condition is crutial. Medical center sources also stated that the girl intestinal tract and backbone have been damaged in the assault.

Medical doctors at the hospital stated the bullet strike her left waistline and ripped through her intestines and spinal cord.

The above is trending topic of twitter today not top trending topic but yes it got trended in the names such as Arunachal Times and Tongam Rina

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