Friday, July 6, 2012

How To Improve your Tweets on Twitter

Here we go with another posting on how to improve your tweets on twitter. This post is applicable to both a newbie and experienced twitter user who have many followers. Sharing you my personal experience on twitter when I initiated on twitter I used to have only 200 followers who don’t even care about my tweets and information which I am sharing but slow and gradually I felt of changing the way I am tweeting. I initiated with many steps so to have attention of my followers to my tweets. 
Remember it’s a universal rule that one way communication doesn’t work as compared to 2 way communication – If you are just tweeting messages which is related and importance for you only the world or your twitter followers may not care on the postings – It may happened they may hide your tweets to totally ignore you.

1. Reply Posting : 
Be open send your opinions to people on their tweets – Communicate with them – Your opinion may not be correct but your followers may think that you care about them atleast. Your followers would love to hear from you. The world may not listen to you if you only speaks – have opportunity to reply their tweets and you will find 2 way communications happening on your twitter account.
One of my follower greet me every day – I may not be able to see all his tweets but I can remember his name. Apart from this, he also send messages to other where other people are also in the communication.

2. Tweet interesting post : 
 Yeah this is another important point to improve your tweeting capability is to have interesting post to your followers. I even remember that day when I used to speak about my company and our services which was just like hammering nothing else. If you have interesting which you really liked post it so that you may get a reply or a retweet on that posting. You read many articles, news items every day simply clicking on the tweet button will allow your follower to get up to date news articles.
Apart from this you can also retweet post of your followers which you really like – see retweeting will not decrease your value but it may increase from your follower’s point of view.

3. Don’t Hammer with same automated tweets : 
Many software are available to automate your tweets but people are smart enough to understand automated tweets. And of course hammering is another problematic point where you shoot similar tweets every day to people. Post different every day – Hammering will just keep you away being unique on twitter.
I have seen tweeteries who hammer same tweets with their links to increase visitors. But again its of no value since hardly people will click on those hammered links. And we all know links with a post on twitter is for which motive.

4. Use hashtags
This one was most confusing especially for new comers on twitter using hash or # tags in the post – Hash Tag has become very popular on twitter to find a proper or related content or search on twitter. It is basically grouping on twitter. Use hash tags whenever necessary it will help others to find your tweets and expose you in front of them to follow you

5. Trending topics : 
This is again another important part of increasing the value of your tweet is to have some views on the trending topics. Remember being a newbie on twitter your tweets may not create trend but you can tweet as per trending topic – share your experience on the trends which are going on in different countries. Trending topic is one of the most important platform to get results on your tweet.

6. Upload pictures : 
For this use Twipic where it allows you to upload your pictures on twitter – share it to the world about the pictures and experiences you have – You will create a value to your followers in contributing.

7. Don’t tweet ever minute : 
It’s as simple as talking everytime may decrease your value – Tweet Less, Tweet powerful to your followers so that you have area of expertise

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